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189623 PO F. D. Lugger

Petty Officer Fredrick Disten Lugger, born on 6th January 1881 in Bigbury, Devon, was formerly a clerk before enlisting into the Royal Navy. 

He had an extensive career in the Royal Navy, starting out on HMS Impregnable in 1900 before moving through at least a dozen or more Royal Navy warships and base installations before joining the crew of HMS Revenge on 1st February 1916. 

Lugger was a part of HMS Revenge's complement of sailors during the Battle of Jutland. Under the command of Captain Edward Buxton Kiddle, HMS Revenge engaged in her first wartime action. Initially she directed her fire towards German light cruiser SMS Weisbaden, but due to poor weather did not make any hits. Before shifting focus, HMS Revenge had to take evasive maneouvers from a torpedo fired by Torpedo Boat V48 which passed behind in her wake.

Switching fire to battlecruiser Derfflinger she scored five hits before  changing targets once more to Von der Tann; Derfflinger was receiving concentrated fire from other battleships. After one minor hit on Von der Tann's superstructure, and a failed torpedo attack, HMS Revenge turned away once more to avoid two torpedoes, and her action at the Battle of Jutland ceased due to the squadron flagship, HMS Marlborough, having been badly mauled and unable to make speed. 

HMS Revenge fired a total of 102 rounds from her primary battery and a further 87 rounds from secondary guns. 

Fredrick Lugger died on 25th January 1953 at the age of 72. He is buried at St. Andrew's, Aveton Gifford, Devonshire.

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HMS Revenge
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