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Militaria Focusing on Great Britain


The Namesake:

"Sans Changer" - Without Change - comes from the Earl of Derby, who in the early stages of the First World War donated a solid silver cap badge to all enlisted men within the newly recruited Liverpool "Pals" Battalions.

During the 1st World War there was a huge sense of patriotic duty to fight for King and Country. This site aims to tell the stories of the soldiers behind the medals through online research and archival searches. Many people had family and friends that fought in the Great War that have been long forgotten. Search the pages, find a story and read those forgotten memories. We are always eager to hear more and to expand upon the history.

Furthermore, other militaria curios, spanning the years, can be found amongst the pages. Be sure to check back regularly to check out the latest stories, items and articles.

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Most collectors arrange their focus in "themes". These themes regularly spill over into others and invariably multiply in their own right. Currently there are four primary themes that contribute to the larger collection.

Canadian Infantry Update

27th December 2020

Canadian Infantry Battalions page has been updated with the current collection. Photographs to follow shortly.


can inf.png


If you're interested in finding out more information on a medal in your own collection, or want to read the history behind the awards, follow the link below to the Medal References page.



If you see a medal that you believe is a member of your family's - please reach out using the contact form at the bottom of the page or send an email.


Sans Changer aims to share a large variety of historical artifacts spanning several hundred years to intrigue, interest and educate readers.

Currently the site is undergoing the early stages of preparation and populating the different sections with artifacts from those periods. 

Be sure to check back regularly as the collection continues to be digitised and shared online.

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